The benefits from having this level of monitoring include:

1. Improved productivity

Most problems display warning signs of some sort before becoming critical issues. Unmonitored server, unmonitored backup system, an antivirus system that hasn’t been updated in weeks, or even the possibility of having a hard drive in a drive array completely failed without anyone being aware of are examples of situations if left unchecked could easily develop into a crisis situation where there could be very serious and possibly unrecoverable losses to productivity and to the finances of the company. Proactive monitoring gives our clients the ability to prevent these unexpected emergencies.

Besides being able to prevent these things from disaster, our clients will also be able to improve performance on a day-to-day basis. Too often, performance of equipment is allowed to degrade to the point where the device is no longer functional or usable. By adding our monitoring services, our clients productivity will increase by closely examining inventory reports for outdated or inadequate equipment or applications and performing upgrades before productivity can suffer.

2. Improved reliability

With this service we can identify and correct small problems early, before they have a chance to develop into larger problems.

3. Save money

We here a Night Fox Computer Services (NFCS) understand There will be very busy months, often off-set by quiet periods where everyone is just happy that things seem to be working nicely for a change. Once in a while, one of those crisis situations as indicated earlier will occur. But with our proactive monitoring plan, these situation will be reduced. When our clients take into consideration of the financial benefits as a result of increased productivity, and the prevention of a single disaster, they will find that our Service Monitoring program will be a easily justified as a valuable and cost-effective solution.